Rest assured, both our VC Quality Service Auto Body locations have the ability to duplicate the factory paint on your car. We know how concerned you are about color matching, but for us that is just one concern of many. We also strive to match the texture and gloss of the finish as well. Our goal is what we call an “invisible repair.” In other words, you can’t tell that anything ever happened. We have the area’s best craftsmen and utilize the finest European paint and equipment in all of our auto body shops.

Any quality shop can make the paint look good when you pick it up and even offer a lifetime warranty. The evidence of a true high-quality repair is that it stays looking that good for years to come. Fresh automotive paint can actually take months to completely cure, and as it cures small imperfections in the finish can develop. This is called shrinkage and sand scratch swelling. In the hot summer it may fully shrink and cure in just a few weeks. In the winter it may not fully cure until it gets direct sun later in the spring. Most shops only bake the paint during a 20 minute bake cycle in the paint booth, which does not cure the paint. At Artistic, we use infra-red heat lamps to completely bake the paint from the inside out before it is polished, which assures that our finishes stay looking as good years from now as they do when you pick your vehicle up.

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