Synthetic oil change specials 20% DISCOUNT

Every Oil Change Includes:


Up to five Quarts Of Oil – A New Oil Filter – Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

Oil Change PackagePrice (Up to five Quarts)
Conventional Motor OilAs low as $35.99 $29.98
High Mileage OilAs low as $53.99 $44.99
Synthetic BlendAs low as $57.59 $47.99
Full SyntheticAs low as $71.99 $59.99
Mobile-1 Full SyntheticAs low as $93.59 $77.99

* Service package oil filter inclusions are priced at $3.29. Your price may increase based on the difference between your preferred filter and $3.29. Labor $40 with your Oil

Brake Services Packages 20%OFF

Every Brake Service Includes:


Quality Service – Thorough Brake System Evaluation – Lifetime Pad or Shoe Warranty – Resurfacing Serviced Drum or Rotor

Pads or Shoes Service Package Cheap Good Select Select Ceramic
One axle (Pads) $137.99 $114.99 $161.99 $134.99$179.99 $149.99
Two axles (Pads) $251.99 $209.99$299.99 $249.99$335.99 $279.99
One axle (Shoes)185.99 $154.99$209.99 $174.99$227.99 $189.99
(Pads and Shoes)$299.99 $249.99$347.99 $289.99$383.99 $319.99

Include Free tire rotation and tire pressure check.  Labor $85 with you Pads 

Fluid Exchange Service Packages 20%OFF

Fluid Services Price
Partial Transmission Fluid Exchange (4qt.)As low as $83.99 $69.99
Full Transmission Fluid Exchange (8qt.)As low as $154.79 $128.99
Transmission Complete Fluid Exchange with New FilterAs low as $214.79 $178.99

Fluid Leak EvaluationAs low as $41.99 $34.99
Brake Fluid ExchangeAs low as $83.99 $69.99
Antifreeze/Coolant Drain and FillAs low as $77.99 $64.99
Power Steering FlushAs low as $83.99 $69.99

Tune-Up Service. Spark plug installation, engine oil and air filter replacement$235.19 $195.98 or More

* Additional Dexron Mercon III fluid $6.49 per quart. Premium fluids (Dexron IV+ / Synthetics) additional charges

** Servicing a hybrid vehicle usually requires removal of trunk access panel for power supply access, shut off, and reconnection.

*** Hybrid vehicle service will result in an additional $15 fee

A shop supply fee will be an additional charge of 9.99% up to $35.00. Each individual work order will identify and apply any applicable shop supply charge.

Oil Filters

  1. Advanced Filter $7.19
  2. Good Filter          $8.98
  3. Premium Filter    $12.98
  4. Ultimate Filter     $19.98

Additional Oil

Additional OilPrice Per Quart 
Conventional Motor Oil$5.89
High Mileage Oil$6.00
Synthetic Blend$6.60
Full Synthetic$7.20
Mobile-1 Full Synthetic$12.98


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